Modeshift accreditation

How can your school achieve your Green or Bronze Modeshift accreditation?

A Modeshift accreditation is a brilliant way to start creating an active, healthy environment for your school community. It’s not just about encouraging walking or wheeling but creating a plan to improve your schools’ carbon footprint for years to come.

So, what kinds of activities can get you started on achieving your Modeshift accreditation?


Introduce cycle training with First Step Cycle

First Step Cycle offers accredited cycle training for Key Stages 1 and 2. Cycle training can be used alongside a programme to encourage pupils and their parents to choose active travel to and from school. Your school community will have much more confidence in active journeys, especially on busy streets if you can create a programme of formal training.

To create a less congested space outside of your school, active travel such as cycling is essential. Supporting initiatives can include introducing bike or scooting ranks or even specific rules that restrict the use of vehicles before and after school for pickups and drop-offs. These rules can reduce congestion and encourage biking to school.


Encourage walking in your natural environment

Use your school newsletter or assemblies to encourage pupils and school communities to get excited about walking to and from schools. You can encourage them to take note of their environment on the way to school and motivate them with opportunities for show and tell. They can discuss their journeys and even bring pictures of the natural environment they see.

Whole school projects like this can give you more opportunities to expand. You can support walking with walking clubs and communities for students. You could even provide internal prizes or point systems for journeys that are walked or rolled over weeks and months. Use your school website to highlight your progress and give extra information as to how to contribute.


Ditching cars for parents and guardians

Using your school’s newsletter to help parents and guardians get involved is a great way to promote active travel. You can rally parents to offer to swap their car journeys for active ones as a means of helping themselves get fitter. Parent-teacher meetings can provide an opportunity for parents to voice their concerns or ideas.

This can help you build the initiatives that your school community needs, from improving safety for their children to providing training programmes for active travel. Letters from the headteacher to parents can initiate projects like Parent Parking schemes. Parents can understand the purpose of the scheme and get involved in making it accessible.

Why not work with our team to make your Modeshift accreditation plan? With our Modeshift Coordinator, you’ll have all the resources you need to reach Green, Bronze and beyond.

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