Bikeability and Frog Bikes

Get Cycling in Schools with Bikeability and Frog Bikes

Bikeability and Frog Bikes have launched the “Get Cycling in Schools” project which aims to teach children as young as three years old the essential skills to start cycling. The project provides schools with fleets of cycles from Frog Bikes and training for teachers to run the classes.

So far, over 10,000 pupils aged 3-6 have participated across 400 schools, with 670 teachers trained. The partnership between Bikeability and Frog Bikes helps tackle the growing issue of limited access to cycles for many children and fosters a love for cycling from an early age.

Want to continue Bikeability training in your school? Why not get in touch with the First Step Cycle team? We can build an active travel programme to get your whole school walking, wheeling, and scooting today!

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