Level 1 is taught in a traffic-free environment, and children learn the basics of how to control their bike and make an off-road trip, for example, on cycle paths.

Level 2 is covered on quiet roads but in real traffic conditions. Children achieving level 2 will be able to make a trip to school or elsewhere on small roads.

Level 3 incorporates busy roads, traffic lights, roundabouts and other advanced road features. Children will not usually be taught this until they start secondary school.

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Cycling proficiency for the 21st century

Give your pupils the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to cycle safely with Bikeability training from First Step Cycle – a fun, engaging way for your school to provide high quality cycle training designed for modern road conditions.

Delivered by experienced, fully qualified instructors with a passion for cycling, Bikeability is usually fully funded for both schools and pupils, and includes 3 different course levels to suit children of all ages, abilities and confidence levels.

Working in close partnership with you and your school, First Step Cycle will handle all aspects of the planning and safe delivery of your cycle training right through to the final assessments and awarding of certificates.


Key Benefits

Choose First Step Cycle to deliver Bikeability in your school, and you’ll benefit from:

  • An Improved enrichment offering
  • A boost to your environmental credentials
  • Great foundations for a sustainable travel programme
  • An inclusive programme for all pupils – bikes provided to those who don’t own one
  • Encouraging healthy lifestyles and increasing physical activity
  • Improving cycle safety and reducing road accidents
  • Developing the skills and confidence of your pupils
  • Access to pedestrian skills training

As one of the most comprehensive and popular cycle training courses available in the UK, Bikeability is fun, practical and engaging, and will provide children with valuable skills for a lifetime of cycling.

Currently, Bikeability from First Step Cycle is available to schools in the following local authorities: