Bikeability success in 2022

Looking back on the successes of Bikeability in 2022

In 2022, Bikeability hit new heights of success, from partnering with world-class and local organisations to attracting the support of big names in sport and policy. For adults and children, there have bigger and better opportunities to get on their bikes, enhance their skills and increase the spread of Bikeability-accredited training nationwide.

Partnerships with Frog, Bike Club, Beryl, Decathlon, London to Ride and Forme brought with them new competitions and giveaways. High-profile supporters, including Chris Boardman, also lent their praise to the Bikeability sessions they attended throughout the year.

This year saw Bikeability extend its efforts to make cycling more inclusive. The announcement of new SEND training has informed 18 pilot projects bringing in increased accessibility for children, young people and families. The collaboration with cycle charity, Wheels for All, has developed a new CPD module for instructors launching this year.

Continuing the organisations’ commitment to widening participation, the Widening Participation Fund is funding projects nationwide. The aim is to remove the barriers to children cycling and has supported 44 projects so far.

Alongside Sustrans, Bikeability took up Cycle to School Week, which encourages children to get on their bikes (and more!) to make a change to their journeys to school. In 2022, Bikeability chose four different pledges, asking for and receiving more than 1,700 pledges from members of the public.

Partnering with Halfords to celebrate Cycle to School Week, Bikeability gave away almost 500 bikes. To encourage healthy balanced cycling, 475 pre-pedal bikes were given away across the country. This giveaway offers children who don’t have access to a cycle the skills and the confidence to cycle safely.

To service their aim to make cycle training a staple in schools and beyond, Bikeabillity has announced a £500,000 funding boost. This will help deliver more training and help thousands more children learn to cycle during the school holidays.

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