Annual Modeshift Convention

FSSG get the lowdown on active travel at the Annual Modeshift Convention

The annual Modeshift Convention has gathered organisations and stakeholders from across the country. The convention followed their plans, presentations, and guidance on how they’d implemented sustainable travel. From local councils to new sustainability-based programmes, the growth of Modeshift is revolutionising active travel.

Modeshift Coordinator Oliver Rawlings represented the team at the event across the two days. The convention’s first day focused on the meaningful ways Modeshift and active travel programmes are creating sustainable travel. The second day examined the impact of schools and widening the participation amongst children from diverse or largely inactive backgrounds.

The sessions on the day included:

  • Modeshift’s acquisition of Act TravelWise creating Active Travel Ambassadors
  • The introduction of Hackney Council’s new cargo bike platform
  • The ‘Walking with a Viking’ initiative partnership between Histrionics and Staffordshire
  • A £2bn ‘Gear Change’ investment in a cycling and walking infrastructure
  • An overview of the School Streets programme
  • School initiatives working with Let’s Go Zero 2030 toward their Net Zero goals
  • The introduction of the research and plans behind the Widening Participation Fund with The Bikeability Trust
  • An update on the gamification of Level 3 Bikeability Training
  • An introduction to the seven-step Eco-School programme

This year’s convention has presented new schemes and initiatives. The acquisition of Act TravelWise will bring £8m worth of investment to pilot new e-cycle loans across England. Creating 11+ Active Travel Ambassadors, the scheme is designed to empower young people to express themselves and change transportation unique to their school communities to fit their needs.

Two councils have chosen two very different but exceptionally creative methods to help their communities with active travel. The London borough of Hackney council presented its new initiative, a cargo bike platform. The platform reduces your carbon footprint by providing cargo bike services to residents and businesses. With the aim of giving those heavy-duty journeys the benefit of pedal power.

Capitalising on the historical past in an imaginative way, Staffordshire partnered with Histrionics. The organisation specialises in dramatic, interactive historical productions. The partnership encouraged children to ‘Follow a Viking to School’, increasing footfalls to schools in the area.

An overview of the School Streets programme was provided by key stakeholders Sustrans and the Department for Transport. The initiative has put safety and reduced congestion at the heart of surrounding school areas. DfT presented its School Streets Guidance document on its successful implementation.

Alongside their partners, The Bikeablity Trust has been working towards widening participation. The Widening Participation Fund has focussed on the results of The Active Lives Children’s Survey to decrease the disparity between groups from inactive backgrounds.

To close what was the largest and most successful Modeshift convention, the focus was on schools. Schools across the country presented how they were working towards their Net Zero commitments. Schools have been working with Let’s Go Zero 2030 to make their commitments.

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