Bikeability Pedals On!

June 29, 2015

Through First Step Cycle’s partnership with Hull City Council we are pleased to announce that we have now delivered national standard cycle training via the Bikeability programme to over 1,200 children in the Hull area this Bikeability year!

Bikeability gives children the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to cycle safely – as well as being a fun, engaging way for children to experience high quality cycle training designed for modern road conditions.

Reaching 1,200 children is a fantastic landmark to reach, and with every child receiving a free cycle helmet it’s great for the children too. As not only do they have the knowledge to stay safe on the roads they now the protective equipment too.

Bikeability is usually fully funded for both schools and pupils, and includes 3 different course levels to suit children of all ages, abilities and confidence levels. Our Bikeability programme isn’t just for schools though – anyone can receive training from our highly experienced coaches, simply by contacting us today on 0845 1200 177.

To find out more about our Bikeability programme and what it can offer check our full information page here.