Bikeability badges

Join almost half a million children earning Bikeability badges with First Step Cycle

Hull has become one of the top ten local authorities where over 70% of Year 6 pupils have received Bikeability training. A total of 461,887 children received Bikeability badges between April 2022 and March 2023, with 9,844 primary schools, representing 66% of England (excluding London), having had Bikeability training in the last academic year.

Cycling offers children important life skills, including all-important fitness and independence. Studies show that after Bikeability training, children are better at responding to risk and report greater confidence. Children who cycle to school have shown improved attention span at school and better mental health overall.

Bikeability and its partners are still committed to reaching national Active Travel goals. The aim is to have every child accessing and completing Bikeability cycle training. Active Travel Commissioner and former professional cyclist Chris Boardman said:

“Helping young people develop the skills and confidence to get to schools, shops and leisure activities under their own steam is at the heart of our mission to provide healthier and greener travel choices for everyone.”

Join the schools that are already working with First Step Cycle to bring cycle skills to their pupils. Whether you want to improve active travel or decrease congestion and pollution, we can provide you with a professional service that will get your pupils badges they can be proud of.

Get in touch with the team today to start your schools Bikeability journey.

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