Guided Learning

Make cycling a part of your life with Guided Learning

At First Step Cycle, we pride ourselves on the innovative packages we provide. We know from experience that cycling is an essential life skill. Not only does it create a cleaner environment, but participants can develop travel independence. It could be that you haven’t ridden since you were a child or you’re feeling apprehensive about starting out alone? Our service is designed to offer you all the extra pedalling support you could need.

Our new Guided Learning provision is hosted by our professional instructors, aimed at helping you ride around the city with confidence. Geared to a variety of participants, your organisation, college, university, or company can use this service to incentivise cycling or alongside your Cycle to Work schemes.

With our instruction, participants will be given a mixture of basic and complex directions to navigate their local area on a bike. This will give learners the experience they’ll need to ride alone. The session lasts a maximum of 3 hours offering guidance around the key parts of the city, with a coffee pit stop along the route.

We take them through the city during the day, when there is low traffic, to help them get a feel for their environment without wobbles. Along the way, we introduce them to basic skills, to help them make active travel a healthy habit. As they ride around the city with an instructor, we make sure they are comfortable with braking, pushing off, and indicating left and right in traffic.

What would you need to get back on your bike? Find out with First Step Cycle. Contact the team now to get rolling!

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